Bringing You Authentic Indian Food Since 1972

House of Spices Family

Welcome to our family. Home of Laxmi. We invite you to share our heritage of delicious Indian cuisine inspired by family recipes, traditions, and culture.

Bringing You Authentic Indian Food Since 1972

Freshly Milled Flours in the USA

Laxmi grows a variety of traditional grains on our farms, and mills those grains for use in Indian cooking. Laxmi flours are milled and shipped fresh in the U.S., so anyone can enjoy the taste of home. 100% Natural, with nothing added and nothing removed!

Bringing You Authentic Indian Food Since 1972

Wholesome and Clean Ghee

Laxmi ghee is responsible for much of the sumptuous taste of Indian food. Refined and exotic, Laxmi ghee adds a wholesome and clean finish to many dishes. Used in everything from soups to pastries, it's healthier with all the good fats! A great alternative to butter!

Family Recipes

At House of Spices, we love cooking and sharing great taste. Our Indian cuisine recipes are inspired by family traditions, and we meticulously perfect each dish in our test kitchens. Learn how to make great-tasting, authentic Indian meals from our family kitchen to yours.

Our Story

House of Spices is a family business, with every member to thank for where it is today. Our story begins in 1970 with one small store in Jackson Heights, Queens. Brothers G.L. and K.L. Soni noticed an increasing demand for Indian food culture and answered it by opening a family business that would grow into a national legacy for over 2 generations.

Read the amazing story of brothers G.L. and K.L. Soni, founders of innovative Indian food brand Laxmi and how it has grown into the Indian cuisine producer, House of Spices.

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