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Beans & Dals

A staple source of protein, Indian bean varieties bring vitality, texture, and satiety to food. The kabuli chana, or chickpea, stands out as a favorite and is a prominent ingredient in many types of cuisines throughout the world. Used in everything from soups to sweets, it’s easy to see why the kabuli chana is so popular. Laxmi supplies many exotic Indian beans, including Chori, Moth (matki), Moong (mung), Val, and more common varieties like Kidney Beans and Black-eyed peas.


Since spices is in our name we pride ourselves with offering the purest and freshest Indian spices you will find. From turmeric, red chili pepper, and paprika to name a few. We bring you many of the spices you find from around the world to bring you authentic flavor. And because authentic flavor is essential, we distribute whole, ground, and blended spices for use in Indian cooking and other Asian cuisines. We bring you these quality ingredients from the ground up. With our spices our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality. We define quality by nutritional value, safety, freshness, appearance and of course taste!


Delicious nan, roti, dosa, and countless sweets require specific types of Indian flour, such as, wheat flour, ragi, and rice flour. Each type of flour is made from grains unique to the region. Laxmi grows a variety of traditional grains on our farms and mills those grains for use in Indian cooking. Our milling is performed under strict guidelines to preserve the integrity of the grain and to draw out qualities, such as size and texture that are ideal for Indian recipes. Exotic Indian flour, wheat flour, Ragi and rice flour and other varieties, too, are packaged in 2 – 55 lb. sizes and shipped all over the U.S., so anyone can enjoy the taste of home.

Oils & Ghee

Supple ghee and Indian cooking oil are responsible for much of the sumptuous taste of Indian food. Refined and exotic oils, such as Almond, Mustard, Coconut, and Soybean bring a unique taste and texture, while clarified butter ghee adds a wholesome and clean finish to many dishes. Used in everything from soups to pastries, Laxmi carries essential and exotic ghee and Indian cooking oil products under our own brand and others sourced from specialty manufacturers throughout India and southeast Asia.


A worthy journey into Indian and East Asian cuisines must begin with high-quality, native Indian rice. From jasmine to basmati rice to Sona Masuri and brown rice, too, Laxmi carries fine rice for a variety of dishes and budgets. Renowned for a delicious taste and heady aroma, basmati rice is a staple in all kinds of Indian cuisine. Each Indian rice accommodates curry and sauce with a special grace and poise, and they all set the table for a delicious, balanced feast. We predict many happy meals as you explore our rice in search of your favorite.

Partnered Brands

Today, House of Spices is home to a full array of Top Leading products ranging from condiments, pantry items, snacks, candy, spices and frozen foods representing all regions of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. When you eat any of our partnered brands you are guaranteed Quality, Purity and Value. House of Spices – the name you can trust.