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Samosa Ingredients Pack


Make a meal sure to impress with the Laxmi Indian Inspired Samosa Dinner Kit! You’ll delight your family’s taste buds with a flavorful meal and you’ll enjoy the convenience of having all the spices needed for your meal on hand. Our cooking ingredients are just what you need to create a gourmet international meal in your kitchen. House of Spices carries the essential ingredients that will allow you to create a home-cooked sensational dish that always please. Samosas, also known as sambusa or samboksa are a popular fried or baked Indian entree that is often filled with savory fillings such as potatoes, onions, peas, lentils and more. Samosas make an excellent lunch or dinner – or even a quick snack on the go. Proudly distributed through-out the United States, House of Spices specializes in exceptional spices, seasoning and meal kits, and food products always sourced from the highest quality ingredients. House of Spices has the ingredients you need for traditional Indian cooking – made pure, made fresh, and made wholesome!

Each kit includes:

  • Laxmi Ginger Garlic Paste (8oz)
  • Laxmi Maida (2lb)
  • Laxmi Garam Masala (7oz)
  • Laxmi Ghee (8oz)
  • Laxmi Dhanajiru Powder (7oz)
  • Serves 4-6
  • Recipe Card with Easy to follow instructions
Does Not Include:

Salt, Oil, and Vegetables.